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Jardine P.M., Mayes M.A., Mulholland P.J, Hanson P.J, Tarver J.R, Luxmoore R.J, McCarthy J.F, Wilson G.V.  2006.  Vadose Zone Flow and Transport of Dissolved Organic Carbon at Multiple Scales in Humid Regimes. Vadose Zone Journal. 5(1):140.
Pace M.N., Mayes M.A., Jardine P.M., McKay L.D., Yin X.L., Mehlhorn T.L, Liu Q., Gürleyük H..  2007.  Transport of Sr2+ and SrEDTA2− in partially-saturated and heterogeneous sediments. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 91(3-4):267-287.
Mayes M.A., Jardine P.M., Mehlhorn T.L, Bjornstad B.N, Ladd J.L, Zachara J.M.  2003.  Transport of multiple tracers in variably saturated humid region structured soils and semi-arid region laminated sediments. Journal of Hydrology. 275(3-4):141-161.
Jagadamma S., Mayes M.A., Steinweg M, Schaeffer S.M.  2014.  Substrate quality alters microbial mineralization of added substrate and soil organic carbon. Biogeosciences Discussions. 11(3):4451-4482.
Jagadamma S., Mayes M.A., Zinn Y.L., Gísladóttir G., Russell A.E..  2014.  Sorption of organic carbon compounds to the fine fraction of surface and subsurface soils. Geoderma. 213:79-86.
Jagadamma S., Mayes M.A..  2013.  The role of sorption on mineralization of carbon in soils.. JSM Environmental Science & Ecology. 1(1):1005.
Mayes M.A., Jardine P.M., Larsen I.L, Brooks S.C, Fendorf S.E.  2000.  Multispecies transport of metal–EDTA complexes and chromate through undisturbed columns of weathered fractured saprolite. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 45(3-4):243-265.
Garten, Jr. C.T., Smith J.L., Tyler D.D., Amonette JE, Bailey VL, Brice DJ, Castro HF, Graham R.L., Gunderson C.A., Izaurralde RCesar et al..  2010.  Intra-annual changes in biomass, carbon, and nitrogen dynamics at 4-year old switchgrass field trials in west Tennessee, USA. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 136:177-184.