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Dickinson RE, Oleson KW, Bonan GB, Hoffman F, Thornton P, Vertenstein M, Yang Z-L, Zeng X.  2006.  The Community Land Model and Its Climate Statistics as a Component of the Community Climate System Model. Journal of Climate. 19(11):2302-2324.
Wang G, Yu M, Pal JS, Mei R, Bonan GB, Levis S, Thornton PE.  2016.  On the development of a coupled regional climate–vegetation model RCM–CLM–CN–DV and its validation in Tropical Africa. Climate Dynamics. 46(1-2):515-539.
Oleson K.W, Niu G.-Y., Yang Z.-L., Lawrence D.M, Thornton P.E, Lawrence P.J, Stöckli R., Dickinson RE, Bonan GB, Levis S. et al..  2008.  Improvements to the Community Land Model and their impact on the hydrological cycle. Journal of Geophysical Research. 113(G1)
Levis S, Bonan GB, Kluzek E, Thornton PE, Jones A, Sacks WJ, Kucharik CJ.  2012.  Interactive Crop Management in the Community Earth System Model (CESM1): Seasonal Influences on Land–Atmosphere Fluxes. Journal of Climate. 25(14):4839-4859.
Lindsay K., Bonan GB, Doney SC, Hoffman FM., Lawrence DM, Long MC, Mahowald NM., J. Moore K, Randerson JT, Thornton PE.  2014.  Preindustrial-Control and Twentieth-Century Carbon Cycle Experiments with the Earth System Model CESM1(BGC). Journal of Climate. 27(24):8981-9005.
Lawrence PJ, Feddema JJ, Bonan GB, Meehl GA, O’Neill BC, Oleson KW, Levis S, Lawrence DM, Kluzek E, LINDSAY KEITH et al..  2012.  Simulating the Biogeochemical and Biogeophysical Impacts of Transient Land Cover Change and Wood Harvest in the Community Climate System Model (CCSM4) from 1850 to 2100. Journal of Climate. 25(9):3071-3095.
Randerson JT, HOFFMAN FORRESTM, Thornton PE, MAHOWALD NATALIEM, LINDSAY KEITH, LEE YEN-HUEI, NEVISON CYNTHIAD, Doney SC, Bonan GB, STÖCKLI RETO et al..  2009.  Systematic assessment of terrestrial biogeochemistry in coupled climate-carbon models. Global Change Biology. 15(10):2462-2484.
Stöckli R., Lawrence D.M, Niu G.-Y., Oleson K.W, Thornton P.E, Yang Z.-L., Bonan GB, Denning A.S, Running S.W.  2008.  Use of FLUXNET in the Community Land Model development. Journal of Geophysical Research. 113(G1)