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Conference Paper
Preston BL, Westaway R.  2010.  A critical look at the state of climate adaptation planning. Greenhouse 2009 Conference. :207–219.
Preston BL, Kay R.  2010.  Managing climate risks in human settlements. Greenhouse 2009 Conference. :183–196.
Journal Article
Nalau J, Preston BL, Maloney MC.  2015.  Is adaptation a local responsibility? Environmental Science & Policy. 48:89-98.
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Yuen E, Jovicich SStone, Preston BL.  2013.  Climate change vulnerability assessments as catalysts for social learning: four case studies in south-eastern Australia. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. 18(5):567-590.
Yuen E, Jovicich SStone, Preston BL.  2012.  Climate change vulnerability assessments as catalysts for social learning: four case studies in south-eastern Australia. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change.
Langholtz M, Webb E, Preston BL, Turhollow A, Breuer N, Eaton L, King AW, Sokhansanj S, Nair SSurendran, Downing M.  2014.  Climate risk management for the U.S. cellulosic biofuels supply chain. Climate Risk Management.
Ruijven BJ, Levy MA, Agrawal A, Biermann F, Birkmann J, Carter TR, Ebi KL, Garschagen M, Jones B, Jones R et al..  2014.  Enhancing the relevance of Shared Socioeconomic Pathways for climate change impacts, adaptation and vulnerability research. Climatic Change. 122(3):481-494.
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Maloney MC, Preston BL.  2014.  A geospatial dataset for U.S. hurricane storm surge and sea-level rise vulnerability: Development and case study applications. Climate Risk Management.
Preston BL.  2002.  Hazard prioritization in ecological risk assessment through spatial analysis of toxicant gradients.. Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987). 117:431–45.
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de Bremond A, Preston BL, Rice J.  2014.  Improving the usability of integrated assessment for adaptation practice: Insights from the U.S. Southeast energy sector. Environmental Science & Policy. 42:45-55.
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Yang Z, Wang T, Leung R, Hibbard K, Janetos T, Kraucunas I, Rice J, Preston BL, Wilbanks T.  2014.  A modeling study of coastal inundation induced by storm surge, sea-level rise, and subsidence in the Gulf of Mexico. Natural Hazards. 71(3):1771-1794.
Preston BL, Jones R.  2008.  A national assessment of the sensitivity of Australian runoff to climate change. Atmospheric Science Letters. 208:202–208.