Ethan T. Coon


Ethan Coon is a part of ORNL’s Ecosystem Simulation Science group, where he works on computational hydrology.  His current work mostly focuses on coupling, across scales and a variety of physical disciplines, the various processes which govern the water balance on land.  Currently he works on the NGEE-Arctic program, developing fine and intermediate scale models of permafrost degradation.  Previously he has worked in areas of hydrological modeling for tropical, temperate, and high desert climates, and is especially interested in how the water cycle interacts with other systems such as vegetation.  Computationally, he works on developing software that is amenable to modern computer architectures, including task-parallel systems and hybrid parallelization strategies.

Coon earned his BS in Applied Mathematics at the University of Rochester, then his masters and PhDs, also in Applied Mathematics, from Columbia University.  His dissertation was on discretizations for earthquake modeling, and he has meandered across the Earth Science spectrum, using math and computation to work in a wide variety of fields from earthquake models, subsurface flow and carbon sequestration, to lattice Boltzmann modeling, and now ecosystem hydrology.

A complete list of publications can be found here