Understanding, Modeling, and Enhancing Resilience

Lead Investigator: 
Thomas J. Wilbanks
Participating Staff: 
Benjamin L. Preston
Sherry Wright
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory, Community and Regional Resilience Institute
Integrated Assessment Research Program, DOE Office of Science; Office of Energy Planning and Policy Analysis, DOE; Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, DOE


Energy Awareness and Resilience Standardized Services (EARSS).  An open-access tool for enhanced geospatial representation of electricity infrastructures, supported by NGA and also used by DHS and DOE/OE.

Visualizing Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth (VERDE).  An advanced tool for enhanced geospatial representation of electricity infrastructure infrastructures in real time, including proprietary data that restrict direct access (see EARSS for an open-access version).

National Extreme Events Database (NEED).  A developing comprehensive data base on climate-related extreme events, historical and projected, along with the best current science under way, along with a web portal for ready access by a wide range of scientists and stakeholders.

Modeling Connected Infrastructure Dynamics (CIDM).  ORNL is the leader of a three-lab collaboration (with Sandia and LANL) to enhance the NISAC models for analyzing effects of disruptive events originally developed by LANL and Sandia for DHS.  Called the Connected Infrastructure Dynamics Modeling (CIDM) system, this set of tools and operational experience is especially aimed at issues related to energy sector impacts of climate-related extreme events, interconnected with other infrastructures; and it includes capacities to project future energy and population conditions. 

ORNL Resilience Linkages and Perspectives. ORNL has been a leading center of research and discourse about resilience, its meaning, its implications, and its measurement since 2007.  The web site lists a number of ORNL resilience linkages and published papers and public presentations illustrating this body of expertise.