Gangsheng Wang

Research Scientist
Gangsheng Wang

Gangsheng Wang is an ecosystem scientist in the Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) and the Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) at ORNL. His current research activities include developing and testing the Microbial-Enzyme-mediated Decomposition (MEND) model by including nutrient cycling and microbial physiology, representing the roles of fungi, bacteria and roots in carbon and nutrient cycling, incorporating MEND into the next generation Earth System Model (ESM), and evaluating biogeochemical processes from different ESMs. In addition, he works on the application of ecohydrological models for analyses of water quality and bioenergy feedstock sustainability.

Wang received his PhD in Biological/Agricultural Engineering from Washington State University in 2010. He joined ORNL in early 2011 as a postdoctoral research associate until being hired to a staff position in March of 2014. He also holds a PhD (2005) in Physical Geography from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China and an MS (2002) and a BE (2000) in Hydrology and Water Resources from Wuhan University, China.

Wang is the 2012 recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award for Post-Graduate Research from ESD at ORNL, and the 2013 DISCCRS (Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Climate Change Research) VIII Symposium Scholar funded by NSF and NASA.

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